Hanselman to the rescue (fixing authentication issues with Firefox 44)

Written by  on January 27, 2016 

Firefox 44 was just released and, using this new browser version, one of my old ASP 1.1 websites (it’s scheduled to be upgraded this year) stopped allowing users to log in.

After some investigation it seemed to me that Firefox was not accepting the authentication cookie.

Somehow, FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie stopped working for Firefox but was working for other browsers.

Thankfully, Mr. Hanselman ran into a similar issue with authentication cookies being lost. Ten years ago!

The solution is to manually build the Auth Cookie and make sure it’s encrypted.

I guess there was a issue with Firefox expecting the cookie to be encrypted since the site was already using SSL.

Oh well, no matter what I do in .Net, Hanselman has been there first. Thank you, Scott.

Glad he’s on our side.

Now he’s got to work on getting Silverlight (or just XMAL/C#) ported to WebAssembly!

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