Setting up ubuntu server 14.01 with LAMP for WordPress

Written by  on August 8, 2014 

It’s been about 10 years since I’ve tried to play with Linux and it’s just as big a pain in the ass as ever.

I find it very ironic that I keep reading posts asking if this is the year that Linux will hit the mainstream. At the rate things are going, it’s going to be 100 years… The idea of an OS will be obsolete by the time Linux is ready for the mainstream.

For my future edification (because there is no way I’ll remember this stuff), here are some notes and links that I found useful when I setup an ubuntu 14.04 server with LAMP for WordPress:

– Use the LAMP package built into the installer. It’s just easier that way.

– Installing the desktop GUI (It’s 2014 and I’m not cool enough to do everything via the terminal anymore): How do you run Ubuntu Server with a GUI? It takes longer to install the desktop package than it does to install ubuntu; at least 30 minutes.

– Set a static IP address via the terminal (because the GUI didn’t work properly): Setting up a static IP address in Ubuntu

– Installing integration services: How to install Hyper-V Integration Services

– Getting remote desktop to work: How to install xrdp in Ubuntu 14.04

– Installing/Configuring/Testing LAMP: How To Install Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack on Ubuntu 14.04

– Installing WordPress: How To Install WordPress on Ubuntu 14.04

– Installing multiple WordPress sites on one server: How To Set Up Multiple WordPress Sites on a Single Ubuntu VPS

Enable Apache mode_rewrite so that WordPress “Pretty Permalinks” will work.

– Install SQL Workbench from the ubuntu software installer

– Install PHPMyAdmin: Installing phpMyAdmin in Ubuntu

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